Cabin Fever pays homage to Morton Mortonson's cabin. Since porter-style ales have stood the test of time, naming this beer after one of the oldest cabins in the nation that still stands today in Swedesboro made sense. Prior to and during the Civil War, the Morton's Cabin was used as a station for the Underground Railroad and has been often referred to since as the Slave House. Cabin Fever is crafted from robust malt and features a deep brown color with distinctive chocolate hues and a signature creamy head and smooth taste. The hops are apparent but amazingly well-balanced with the malt.


  • Our robust Cabin Fever porter is best matched along with any red meat. (You guessed it; this is where the name “Porter House” steak originates.) It is also perfectly paired with a heavier dessert – or, as a dessert itself! And, if the spirit moves you, raise your glass with the traditional pubkeeper’s cheer, “A pot of porter, ho!”