In 1691, the English Colonial government commissioned a roadway to be created, connecting the early communities of Burlington and Salem. Our Milk Stout is equally well-traveled – with a legacy that reflects the pubs of old London. Crafted from robust malt, our King’s Whey Stout features a deep brown color with distinctive chocolate hues and a signature creamy head and smooth taste. It’s a true Stout featuring an extremely rich, malty flavor and aroma with a full, sweet character. The lasting taste comes from a unique blend of unroasted malts and hops additions.


  • Full-bodied, creamy and rich to the palette, our King's Whey Stout matches any hearty course. Bittersweet chocolate and burnt toffee grace the flavor with just a hint of lingering espresso-like roast that gives it a finish that is deliciously dessert-like.