Our quest for a signature India Pale Ale (IPA) took us time and skillful technique – not to mention a lot of enjoyable taste testing. It only seems fitting that this remarkable IPA is a tribute to our area’s earliest settlers, the Narraticon Indians. Narraticon means Raccoon, which was the name given to the area until 1765 when it was changed to Swedesboro, in recognition of one of only three settlements established in New Jersey as part of the New Sweden colony.


Raccoon IPA of SBC delivers a bursting juicy, tropical hop experience without embracing bitterness that is common of other styles of IPA. The agreeable balance of hop aroma and fruitiness flavor is so unmistakably unique. Do not be misled by its alluring haze and murky appearance, as this beer is soft on the palate.


SKU: 2020-10-08085
  • Markedly less bitter than an American IPA, our Raccoon IPA pairs well with leaner meats such as pork tenderloin, but its tropical hop notes also perfectly enhance an intensely hot pepper spiced dish or sauce like buffalo wings or sriracha. It serves well as a refreshing palate cleanser, following an appetizer or a full meal, and balances nicely with bold, sweet desserts like caramel apple tart and crème brulée.

  • Best served in a Nonic pint: This type of glassware bulges out at the top, which improves grip, adds strength and reduces chipping

    Ideal serving temperature: 45-55°F