Red Oak is the state tree of New Jersey and was chosen to represent the State for its strength, beauty, and longevity. This Oak-Smoked Wheat Ale is our tribute to the vast and beautiful forestry of our state and the “mighty” oak that represents New Jersey. Using locally sourced oak wood to smoke the wheat malt imparts earthy aromas and woody flavors, which are reminiscent of campfires burning on a brisk night.

Smokey Oak is our interpretation of a historical beer style dating back to the 1400s but almost extinct in modern time. Often referred to as the “champagne” of beers, a Grodziskie or Grätzer has historically been chosen to celebrate special occasions in countries like Poland and Germany. It is low in alcohol, light in color, and crisp in body, with aroma dominated by light to moderate oaky wood smoke that can come through stronger in the taste. 

Food Pairings

The earthiness of Smokey Oak pairs well with grilled food such as meats, fishes, and veggies, as well as with cheeses and deserts that have a light-to-medium smoked flavor such as gouda cheese or smoked apple pie.


Suggested Foods: Mexican Dishes (Grilled Fish Tacos), Grilled Meats (Kielbasa), or Grilled Vegetable Dishes (Mushrooms)

Cheese: Smoked Gouda Cheese or Swiss Cheese

Dessert: Smoked Apple or Pumpkin Pie, or Grilled Pears


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Flute—The conical shape helps maintain a pillowy head, while offering a wonderful view of the sparkling clarity of ales. The narrow design brings aromas to your nose as you tip the glass back for a sip


Best served at 50-55°F