"We couldn't be more thrilled in helping SBC bring a quality brewery into our community.  While COVID certainly impacted SBC's initial business plan, we were inspired by the leadership and creativity of Marvin and Kevin to keep pushing and pivot to accommodate the new environment.   Greatly looking forward to raising a glass at the tap room!"

–Gene & Alison G.

"This is a great opportunity to fund a new business in Swedesboro.  A town which we have lived in for the past 13 years.  We always enjoy good quality craft beers and this is great to a part of something unique with owners that have a lot of experience.  We are proud to help this business succeed."

–Chris S.

“As lovers of beer and our community, we’re excited to be given the opportunity to help support a business that combines the two! Cheers to a successful endeavor!”

–Ryan & Samantha D.

"During this crazy time with nervous people and restrictions by government on conducting our lives normally, it is important to support local business owners and entrepreneurs in all that they do.  Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and by taking risks and caring for their neighbors they fully represent the idea of "The American Spirit".  I am excited to support local businesses like Swedesboro Brewing Company and can't wait to taste their final product."

–Chris S.

"I have been following the developments of the Swedesboro Brewing Company for a few months now, and jumped at the change to invest in them. Not only was I excited to help a local business that is going to be a strong presence in the community, but it's a great business decision too. Micro breweries have been one of the fastest growing businesses, and you can see the owner's passion and determination to make this work. Since they're launching with eyes wide open, they're positioned well to get through the pandemic and will be able to ride out the next few months, and then ready to take off once everyone floods restaurants and bars this summer. Help a deserving business, make a difference in your community, and a smart investment? It's a no brainer!"

–Joe C.

"We invested in Swedesboro Brewing Company because we are excited to have more options for places to go with friends on a night out in our community."



"Thanks for giving me the chance to support a local business in my community beyond just my patronage and helping you make your dreams come true"

–Jon S.

“I chose to invest in Swedesboro Brewing Company because I'm excited for the opportunity to welcome another strong small business to serve the Swedesboro/Woolwich communities especially one that specializes in fresh craft beer!”

–Joel B.

“We're excited to support a local business during this challenging time and to help bring a brewery to our town of Swedesboro!”

–Holly H.

"In light of the economic and public health crisis, I want to look forward to life post-COVID.  By investing in a start-up with two hard-working and passionate individuals at the helm, I feel like we are bringing a small business to the community that reminds us all that the road ahead isn’t as bleak as it may seem.  This brewery will bring people together and will remind us of the importance of community."
–Bill G.

"Investing in Swedesboro Brewing appealed to me as a way of standing behind an exciting local business and helping talented entrepreneurs being their dream to life.  I’m excited by the innovation and growth happening in our community and am proud to be a part of it.  Oh, and I love beer."

–Howie S.

“I appreciate a good beer and have enjoyed the growth of the craft brewery scene.  My wife and I like to search them out wherever we travel so I am excited to see a brewery opening in my hometown.  I am happy to have an opportunity to make a small investment to assist getting their doors open.”

–Jeff S.

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