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In tribute to the Swedish immigrants who first settled here in the mid-1600s, we have worked hard to create our own version of quite possibly the most iconic beer style in modern history, the Pilsner.


Borough’s Best is a thoroughly refreshing beer, characterized by brilliant clarity, high carbonation and tangy varieties of hops that impart floral aromas and a crisp, bitter finish. 

Food Pairings

Borough’s Best Pilsner by SBC matches perfectly with salads and light seafood or shellfish, as well as with bratwurst and chicken. It also pairs perfectly with a broad range of cheeses – especially American, Mild White Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Muenster. On the dessert side, try pairing this refreshing beverage with treats that impart sweetness, tartness, and/or tanginess, including those made with lemons or oranges, and even a subtle fruit-based dessert such as strawberries and cream.


Suggested Foods: Chicken, Salads, or Seafood (Salmon or Shrimp)

Cheese: White Cheddar Cheese

Dessert: Lemon Shortbread or Lemon Custard Tart 


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Flute—The conical shape helps maintain a pillowy head, while offering a wonderful view of the sparkling clarity of lager-style beers. The narrow design brings aromas to your nose as you tip the glass back for a sip.


Best served at 40-45°F

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