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Charles Garrison Harker was a Union Army brigadier general – and a beloved son of Swedesboro. He fought in the Civil War and courageously died in 1864. This bold, resinous American Pale Ale (APA) is our tribute to Harker and all American heroes. Its citrus-like hops and caramel-like malts impart the sensation of a soft body and carry a toasted maltiness throughout.

Harker’s Glory offers beer fans a pleasant balance between hops and malts, which makes it one of the most approachable and enjoyed beer styles available.

Food Pairings

Our Harker’s Glory APA pairs wonderfully with a wide range of food. It goes great with a burger or a hearty bowl of chili, but also matches well with lighter fare, such as salads and grilled or roasted chicken; a variety of cheeses, especially cheddar; seafood, including fish and steamed clams; and even fruit-based desserts, such as those featuring apples or bananas.


Suggested Foods: Grilled Meats (Burger) or Roasted Poultry (Chicken)

Cheese: Mild or Medium Cheddar Cheese or Monterey Jack Cheese

Dessert: Apple Pie, Bananas Foster, or Banana Pound Cake


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Tulip—This type of glassware is best for strong-flavored, malty craft beers


Best served at 45-55°F

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