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What do you get when Hoppie experiments with a brewing recipe? The first release in our Brewer’s Select series, Hopeweizen is a
Dry-hopped American Pale Wheat Ale. This beer is a hybrid that blends the soft sweetness and thirst-quenching drinkability of a wheat beer with the moderate bitterness and snappy hop of a pale ale.

Hopeweizen is a great transitional beer for folks who do not think they enjoy hoppy beers but also an excellent choice for IPA fans who want to enjoy the smoothness that Hefeweizen fans love from wheat-style beers. This easy-drinking ale has a gentle finish with notes of lemon and a long-lasting head.

Food Pairings

Crisp and refreshing with a lemony finish, moderate bitterness, and smooth mouthfeel, our Hopeweizen is the perfect beer to pair with almost any dish, especially in the summer. It goes very well with light dishes such as salads, mild seafoods and vegetables, fresh cheeses, and fruit-based desserts like fresh berries and lemon tart.


Suggested Foods: Lemon-accented Poultry, Light Seafood, Salads with Fruity or Lemony Vinaigrette Dressings, or Vegetable Dishes

Cheese: Brick, Camembert, Chèvre, Feta or Mozzarella. 

Dessert: Fruit Desserts (Fresh Berries) or Lemon Tart


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Flute—The conical shape helps maintain a pillowy head, while offering a wonderful view of the sparkling clarity of ales. The narrow design brings aromas to your nose as you tip the glass back for a sip


Best served at 40-45°F

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