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Although winter ales like our JulTide Winter Ale, may seem new, Yuletide spirits have existed as part of the holiday season for over a thousand years. Back in the 900s, “Jul” referred to both the Vikings’ holiday season as well as the strong ales they drank during this time of the year. Christmas eventually replaced the Jul celebrations as Vikings settled down into Norway and Sweden.

Though the style isn’t truly standardized in the United States, most brewers tend to characterize Winter Ales as malty, spiced, and high in alcohol content. Our JulTide Winter Ale contains vanilla and cinnamon… a subtle callback to Europe’s tradition of warm, spiced holiday drinks called Wassail.

Food Pairings

This sweet seasonal beer pairs well with almost any type of dessert including truffles, cheesecake, and cookies.

From sweet to savory, this diverse seasonal beer also pairs well with a variety of main dishes. Due to its super-rich flavor profile, JulTide Winter Ale also tastes great with well-seasoned steak or pork chop. These food items bursting with decadent, salty flavors work well to balance the sweetness of our winter ale.


Suggested Foods: Pork, Lamb, Steak, or even Venison

Cheese: Creamy cheeses

Dessert: Truffles, cheesecake, and cookies


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Nonic pint—This type of glassware bulges out at the top, which improves grip, adds strength, and reduces chipping.


Best served at 45-55°F

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