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In 1691, the English Colonial government commissioned a road to be built that connected Burlington and Salem, which opened the southern portion of Gloucester County to more settlers. This road, Kings Highway, is one of the oldest roads in existence in the country today. Our Milk Stout is equally well-traveled – with a legacy that reflects the pubs of old England. 

King’s Whey is full-bodied, creamy and rich to the palate. Featuring notes of caramel and chocolate with an aroma full of sweet malt character, this Stout has a deliciously dessert-like finish. 

Food Pairings

Full-bodied, creamy and rich to the palate, King’s Whey Milk Stout by SBC goes well with mildly spicy gravies or sauces paired with meats like chicken, such as Mexican mole and BBQ. Bittersweet chocolate and caramel grace the flavor, giving it a finish that is deliciously dessert-like and complementary to some of the most enjoyable after-dinner delights. 


Suggested Foods: Mexican Mole or BBQ (Chicken)

Cheese: Buttery Cheddar Cheese

Dessert: Chocolate Cake or Ice Cream


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Nonic pint—This type of glassware bulges out at the top, which improves grip, adds strength and reduces chipping


Best served at 50-55°F

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