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In the heart of early 18th-century New Jersey, Elizabeth Haddon, a pioneer and influential figure in Haddonfield, established a remarkable brew house known as "Haddon Hall." Built in 1713, this dedicated brewing space catered not only to her household but also to the steady stream of travelers.

Our First Lady Saison pays homage to Elizabeth Haddon and the farmhouse brews that sustained the colonial community. 

This beer captures the essence of those traditional brews offering a light, citrusy aroma and a slightly tart finish. Just as Elizabeth's brew house provided a vital gathering place, Our First Lady is crafted to bring people together with its refreshing, complex flavors.

Food Pairings

The delicate and complex flavors of Our First Lady pair wonderfully with a variety of dishes. Its bright citrus notes and subtle spice make it an excellent companion for light meats and vibrant, fresh dishes


Suggested Foods: Herb-Roasted Chicken or Grilled Seafood

Cheese: Brie or Camembert

Dessert: Fruit tarts, Lemon Meringue Pie or an Orange Panna Cotta

Glassware & Serving Temperature

Tulip Glass—This glassware is perfect for enhancing the aroma and capturing the effervescence of a Saison


Best served at 45-55°F

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