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Our Queen’s Whey was named in honor of the late Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, and other realms from 1952 until her death in 2022. Her reign of almost 71 years was the longest verified reign of any female monarch in history.

Our Golden Stout, a twist on traditional stouts that originated in London in the 1700s, is a fitting way to pay homage to the Crown since the Queen was rather progressive.  Queen’s Whey mimics the similar flavors that a classic stout has without the dark color. This includes sweetness and coffee notes that typically
come from roasted barley and dark malts.


Queen’s Whey is a complex, clear, and slightly sweet mid-strength ale. Pale in color and low in bitterness, our Golden Stout is the perfect beer for those who like coffee flavors and want to expand their beer palette. 

Our Golden Stout gets it's great coffee notes from Sawmill House Blend by Endgrain Coffee Roaster, right here in South Jersey. Endgrain is a small cafe and coffee roaster based in Pitman, NJ. They strive to provide the best coffee experience in the area specializing in small-batch, high-quality blends and Single Origin beans. Click their name above to visit their Instagram page or click their logo to shop their available coffees!

Food Pairings

Full-bodied and rich to the palate, Queen’s Whey, Golden Stout by SBC goes well with gravies or sauces paired with meats like chicken or beef. The taste of coffee graces this beer, giving it a finish complementary to some of the most enjoyable full-bodied meals. 

Suggested Foods: Steak, Rotisserie Chicken with Sweet or Russet Potatoes

Cheese: Buttery Cheddar Cheese

Dessert: Chocolate Cake or Ice Cream


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Nonic pint—This type of glassware bulges out at the top, which improves grip, adds strength, and reduces chipping


Best served at 50-55°F

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