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Seltzers are a relatively new category of malt beverages that have gained significant popularity over the past decade. These drinks are known for their light, refreshing taste and typically low calorie and carbohydrate content. Unlike traditional beer, which is brewed using grains, hops, and yeast, hard seltzers are usually made from fermented sugar or malted barley and are carbonated, resembling sparkling water with an alcohol content.

At Swedesboro Brewing Company, we're redefining the craft seltzer experience. With our SBC Seltzer, you can personalize your beverage to fit your taste. Our malt-based seltzer is meticulously brewed with only three ingredients, sugar, water, and yeast. Our Seltzer is purposely designed so that you can spritz it up as you see fit! Fancy a splash of lemon-lime for a zesty citrus twist? Or perhaps the comforting familiarity of cola flavor to evoke the essence of your favorite soft drink? The choice is yours. It's a gluten-free pleasure that doesn't compromise on flavor or the joy of a personalized touch. Mix-away!​

Food Pairings

Light and refreshing, our SBC Seltzer is the perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Its clean, crisp profile make it a versatile beverage that enhances both light and bold flavors. Depending on how you flavor it, SBC Seltzer can be paired it with a fresh seafood platter, or alongside grilled chicken or a zesty ceviche, where it provides a refreshing contrast.


Suggested Foods: Too many options to list! With over 21 flavors to choose from, you can pair with just about anything. 


Glassware & Serving Temperature

Highball Glass—A tall, narrow glass that maintains SBC Seltzer’s effervescence, allowing its delicate bubbles and aromas to shine. This glass also provides an elegant presentation for the bright, clear drink.


Best served at 35-40°F

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