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Free Spent Grain
Your livestock will love you for it!

Our spent grains can be obtained for the cost of hauling it away from our brewery. A University of Florida publication estimated that using spent grain for a portion of a farm’s animal feed made sense economically if the brewery was within 200 miles.

Farmers turning a brewer’s spent grain into filling and nutritional livestock feed is a relatively common practice. Some say the practice is as old as beer itself. It’s also a mutually beneficial practice. By the time our head brewer extracts the fermentable sugar from the grain used to make our beers, what’s left is a soggy mass of ground kernels. And lots of it! At Swedesboro Brewing, we can easily use 300 to 500 pounds of barley for a batch of beer.

But those leftover soggy kernels still have value — it is highly nutritious for sheep, cattle, pigs, and even chickens. 

A brewer’s spent grain is the most abundant byproduct generated in the beer-brewing process and could account for more than 80 percent of a brewery’s total byproduct. After we extract most of the sugars, the barley is still rich in digestible fiber and good bypass protein, which is why agricultural uses of spent grain predominate.

Spent grain can save you as much as 30% on total cost of feed. But equally important, our spent grain provide your livestock some variation in their diet. And for that, they will love you for it!

For more information, please contact Kevin, our Brewhouse Manager.

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